The Barbaro

All barndominium designs come with

  • Detailed floor plans
  • Detailed elevations
  • Foundation plan
  • Roof plan
  • Detailed sections
  • Typical details required for permit submission
  • General notes
  • Schedules: rooms, doors, windows, casework, flooring, wall color, ceiling
  • Material and color, electrical, & plumbing
  • Custom renderings of your design (quantity 3)
  • Exterior features designed (pools and/or outdoor patio kitchens)
  • Any adjustments to the drawing requested by an architect/engineer/city
  • Color pdf copies of your entire blueprint packet
  • 1 set of color blueprints (24×36) if requested by client

We do not provide engineering/architectural stamps for the drawings. Our designer does not submit the drawings to the city/county/architect/engineer for permitting/stamping purposes (that is done by Barndominiums of Georgia). All blueprints are for design purposes only until we receive a building permit number, an engineering/architectural stamp and/or letter of approval. Once those are received the “not for construction” watermarks will be removed.